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Each year, Finland’s sawmill, planing, and building sectors generate about 1.5 million cubic meters of residual and inferior quality wood. A large portion of this gets chipped and burned for energy, when it could instead be utilized as cladding material in line with circular economy principles. Let’s stop wasting wood!

We source residual wood from the sawmill, planing, and construction industries, clean and char the wood’s surface, and then offer it as Kiertopuu®️ cladding solutions. Suitable for an array of cladding uses, Kiertopuu®️ products can be applied to exterior walls, terraces, noise barriers, or even indoor settings.

Kiertopuu®️ – Upcycled and Charred Timber

Kiertopuu products can be used as surface material for a wide variety of applications. The charred surface is always either washed, brushed, or oiled to prevent smudging upon touch.

Various dimensions and surface finishing options are available for the product.

Where to Use Kiertopuu®️ Products

Join Hiil in the Circular Economy Movement!

Our production is active and we are currently accepting quotation requests. Feel free to send a quotation request via our product page. At the moment, we are shipping products directly from our facility.

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