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A Wood Charring House and Manufacturer of Kiertopuu®️ Products

Charred wood is timber whose surface has been modified by burning. Burning wood is a natural and non-toxic way to enhance its weather resistance and protect it from decay organisms. Charring the surface does not weaken the wood’s structure, so surface-charred wood can be used in the same ways as any other wood material.

Charred timber is also available under the Kiertopuu®️ brand, manufactured following circular economy principles.

Kiertopuu®️ – Charred Timber from Sidestreams

Kiertopuu®️ products are made from the sidestreams of sawmill and planing industries. The raw timber for Kiertopuu®️ is typically Finnish spruce, originally marked with bruises, incorrect knot quality, color defects, or unsuitable for structural use based on strength classification. This material, often destined for energy production, can be repurposed for cladding by charring its surface. This process corrects aesthetic or structural flaws in the material, making the wood suitable for valuable construction use.

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