Kiertopuu®️ – Charred Waste Wood

Kiertopuu®️ products are manufactured from the side streams of sawmill and planing industries.

The raw material for these products is primarily Finnish spruce, initially marked with bruises, improper knot quality, color defects, or unsuitable for structural use due to strength classification. However, such material can be repurposed as cladding by charring its surface to clean it.

If not used in cladding, this timber would be destined for short-term use or burnt for energy, releasing the carbon stored in the wood into the atmosphere.

In manufacturing Kiertopuu®️ products, ecologically sourced biogas made from food waste is used as an energy source. We source the biogas from a local producer.

Kiertopuu®️ products and the process of surface charring wood help in utilizing potential waste material for better and longer use. If successful on a large scale, we can increase the utilization rate of sawn timber, allowing forests to grow longer.

After the charring process, a Kiertopuu®️ product is virtually indistinguishable from standard first-class charred sawn timber in appearance.

Kiertopuu®️ is a registered trademark of Hiil Oy, referring to the waste wood products charred and manufactured by Hiil Oy.