Wood Charring as a Service

Do you have timber that you would like to have charred? We also offer wood charring as a service to other businesses. You can request a quote for a single batch or ongoing charring collaboration.

Wood Charring Service for Businesses

With our developed charring method, we can treat any timber, from battens to beams, as long as their dimensions are up to 200 mm x 200 mm x 6000 mm. While we manufacture charred timber and Kiertopuu®️ products ourselves, we also offer wood surface charring as a service to the wood industry players.

We can operate on a contract basis where the timber to be charred is shipped to our factory, we char the wood, package it, and then send it either back to the client or directly to their customer.

Karrelle palanut hiilipinta puussa - Hiil Oy

Environmental Impact of Wood Charring

We strive for the most ecological solutions in our operations, which is why we use biogas made from food waste as the ignition fluid for the burning process. The biogas is produced in Kitee, about an hour’s drive from our factory.